November 11, 2008

Being forced

Today I was asked to stay back to work out the monthly Business Overview by my CEO, already 10pm very hungry and my boy friend waited me for almost two hours at the waiting bay. The Finance Team still working for the figures, I am worried about my boy friend later he will kill me. My CEO apologized because asked me to stay until every things done!

I am getting crazy and tired now, my reports done but still have to stay and wait for the Finance Team to complete their part.....

However, I still want to thank Lord, because of Him I got a very good boy friend even though I know later he will kill me, but I know he love me that's why he willing to wait for me. Thanks Lord!

What I can do now is pray for the team, so that tonight I will not stay overnight in the office....Ohhh....Lord, just help your beloved daughter here.....

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