November 14, 2008


Finally I am free....for a moment....( I lied to myself at this moment)
Today, I just kept walking...went to florist shop to order hand bouquet for my CEO, send documents and finally when I got time to stay at my office. I noted that my high heel shoes became low heel shoes! (One more excuse for me to go for my window shopping in the coming weekend)
Anyone knows where to find good high heel shoes? What is the brand? Most of my shoes brand is Vincci, it's a common brand in Malaysia. For me, Vincci's shoes can last for 3 months only, I need shoes that can last for at least 6 months. My shoes had to be 2 and 1/2 inches height, thick heel, cover my feet, dark in colour (mostly black colour) and nice looking.

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nee*the me^-^ said...

if u are willing to invest abit, mayb can try Hush Puppies? I never tried before on their shoes, but always heard ppl say it's comfortable and can tahan quite long. my bf wears their shoes to work, so far almost a year, still looks ok (he does sales job).
mayb u want to give a try??