December 12, 2008

I feel FREE

My boss would outstation for 5 days starting tomorrow! I am "TERRIBLE EXCITED" now! Today, I would be very busy to "manage" my boss for all his documents that needed by him for his trip. Remind him to buy some toys for his granddaughter and remind driver to pick him to go airport in time... After today... I will "TOTALLY FREE"!

I had planned a "special schedule" for myself when my boss is not here (even though the schedule had been changed for N- times). The schedule as follows:

13.12.2008 (Saturday)
OT at office to prepare ReMa's monthly reports.

14.12.2008 (Sunday)
~Sunday Service~
Rehearsal for Caroling and Drama for the Christmas Celebration with all my beloved Timothy Fellowship members.

15.12.2008 (Monday)
File and categories the documents (became Mountain Everest already).
Remarks: I will spend one whole day only for filling.

16.12.2008 (Tuesday)
Go for the Memory Management Training
Organize by ReMa's HR Department

17.12.2008 (Wednesday)
~On Leave~
Renew Passport (plan to go to Thailand on Chinese New Year)
and go RHB Bank for my car loan ( I want to reduce the loan period).

18.12.2008 (Thursday)
My Boss is back

After wrote down my "special schedule"...seem like nothing special at all!! (@.@!)

Sign....looks like I already became a working machine. But, I still excited because my boss and the executive assistant (normally I called him---> Short Pumpkin) both of them is not here, I can go back early after work! v(^.^)v

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