December 16, 2008

Memory Management Program

Today c@ gone for the Memory Management Program. The trainer is Indian National Record Holder for Memory, Mr. Anant (sound likes ant with many legs) and recognized as "Man with most phenomenal memory in India".

Trainer: Why do you forget?
c@ : Getting Old, Lazy, Refuse to remember, Too many things, Busy, Sleep to much
and Lack of Attention.

Trainer: Sleep too much? (-.-!!)
c@ : Yape, normally I sleep more than 8 hours per day!

Trainer: Getting Old? How old are you?
c@ : 24 years old
Trainer: (-.-!!)
HR Manager: Amanda!!!
c@ : blek! :p

After c@ go through the training, c@ able to remember 42 subjects accordingly and reversed in 10 minutes and 24 digits forward and reversed with converting numbers to words. It's a good training, but only one day that's not enough for us to learn more.

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