December 15, 2008

My Pre-Hubby (Part 2)

~My Pre-Hubby~

After few months I attend the class, he had taught us all the knowledge about first aid. One night, it's a farewell night that we have to say goodbye to my classmate. It's a final class for us. After taking a small exam, we had become a First Aider.

The Bilik Rawatan is where we have our class, every class we sit at the floor and learn from him. The night, we finish our last class and say "Good bye and Congratulation!" to each others. It's touched my heart, finally finished and passed all the classes. Deep in my heart, he still a very strict teacher to me.

On that night, he asked me...
Hubby: Amanda, want to be my little sister in U?

I am surprised and thinking the question...
After 2 minutes, I wish to say 'No' to him...

c@: Oh! Yes! Of course!
Hubby: v(o.o)v ----> HAPPY
(c@ heart: OHHH! NO! Why I answer "YES"??? I should answer 'No'!)

c@: I can be your little sister in U, but you are not my brother! Because no one can over take my brother place in my heart. Since I wish I could have a big sister in my life. So, you will be my "BIG SISTER" in U!
(c@ heart: hahahahha! v(^.^)v Win!)

Hubby: Okay! No problem! I can become a 'Big Sister'! You can call me "Sister"!
c@: (o.o!!)

(c@ heart: Okay lor... what to do? He also not bad ma...but why I answered "Yes"?)
Hubby: Come! Let's us celebrate for our new relationship! We go supper lar!
c@: Okay!
(c@ heart: Why I aswered "Yes"? Why? Why? Why?)

From that night, our relationship had become closure....he had became my "BIG SISTER" and I had became his "LITTLE SISTER"...(o.o)

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