December 18, 2008

Renew Passport

My Hubby and me had taken one day leave to renew my passport. I renew my passport at Pusat Bandar Damansara.

We arrived the Immigration Office and found that many people gather at the building entry. Suddenly, one guy told us that we can renew the passport at the machine, but before that you must have 2 photostat copies of My card and 1 passport photo. The guy asked us to follow him to take the photo.

Hubby: "How many you charge for the passport photo?"
Guy A: "You just follow me, they will tell you."

We meet another guy, he asked me to wait for taking the photo.
Hubby: "How many you charge for the photo?"
Guy B: "Please wait for a while, many people here."
Hubby & c@ : (-.-!!) give up....

In 10 minutes, I get my photo and paid RM 14 for 4 photos.

We go to the machine and press....and press....and enter...and press...and enter....In 5 minutes we finished key in all the details, pay RM 300 and get a receipt from the machine. We follow the instruction go to first floor counter to collect number. The officer told us to wait for 2 hours to process the passport.

Every things looks smooth, we plan to go to Starbucks for a coffee while waiting for new passport. When we step out from the Immigration Office, I saw one big white machine and one guy is "jaga" over there. Beside the machines, the advertisement attracted my eyes, "RM 8 for 4 PASSPORT PHOTOS"! Suddenly, I felt imbalance. I felt being cheated by the guy....RM6 enough for me to have one Fish Head Noodles at Jalan Alor .

With despite heart, we go to Starbucks and ordered one Latte. I buy the bill for RM 13.15 (my hubby know how to "what" me!). We sit at outdoor, hubby playing his PSP and I reading my newspaper.

I felt many working adult and student at the Starbucks.

c@: "Why the Starbucks Coffee Business so good one?"
Hubby: "May be they likes to have Starbucks Coffee before they start working or study."

(Hubby continue his PSP and me continue reading my newpaper...)

The people'Q' up from the Starbucks until the corridor.

c@: "Wah! The Business is really good leh! Even though our economic is not good now, poeple still able to drink Starbucks Coffee before their job."

Hubby: "Damansara Area salary is higher than Kuala Lumpur the working adult got extra money to drink Starbucks Coffee lor...."


c@: "WAH!! Got FREE COFFEE! No wonder got so many people 'Q' up! Hubby, go and get me FREE COFFEE! Our economic is really bad, people only drink Starbucks Coffee when only it's FREE!"

Hubby: -.-!!

11.17 am
I got my new passport. Hubby, Thank You for accompany me! v(^.^)v

Today, I got 2 cups of Starbucks FREE COFFEE and my new passport! I am so happy and lucky. The Starbucks FREE COFFEE, it's balance up my mood! Thanks God, for the FREE COFFEE!

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