January 13, 2009

Lock In Night

"Lock In Night"
Date: 28/12/2008 ~ 29/12/2008
(2 days 1 night)
Venue: JCBC Church

David Aw papa, Victor Aw and Teacher Goh
preparing my favorite Blueberry Cheese Tart for our supper!!
Yummy! Yummy!

David Aw papa is our chef in church.
He always surprise us with new food!

I am in charge for the games!

The punishment for the loser is vacuum the carpet before we sleep and
clean up the dishes after our dinner.

Thank You! Dao Vo mama, Esther Mok mama and
Sister Racheal for preparing the steamboat!

After having our steamboat,
to move our body, Pastor Vo had decided to give us Bible Quiz.

~I like to move, move it~
~You like to move, move it~

~We like to move it, move it~

The Winner on the Bible Quiz would have some Patato Chips,
Chocolate and Pop Corn served
on the Movie Show--Madagascar 2

The "Lock In Night" is the first program after we formed the Timothy Fellowship in our church.
Praise the Lord that He had guided me in leading the fellowship. We have a total 10 people in the fellowship, it's was small if compared to others church's youth fellowship.

But, Lord had touched my heart deeply with the following versus.
Jesus said: "For where two or three come together in my name,
there am I with them."

(Matthew 18: 20)

On that night, I really thanks God that we were very close to each others. Through the Games and Dinner, we gets to know each others. Vernon don't like to eat vegetables, Hwei Hoe can't eat spicy tomyam mee,
Victor like fish ball with special tomyam chili souse.
Jason, Bro "Long Time No See" and Hubby eat every things in the steamboat!

Even though, the "Lock In Night" was organized for the youth,
But due to the manpower shortage issue,
all the Papas and Mamas had decided to help us.

They had prepared Steamboat for dinner,
Blueberry Chesse Tart and Red Bean Soup for supper,
Teow Cheow Porridge with many sub sub things to be added in the porridge
for our breakfast in the next morning.

Our youth stayed over night in the church.
(of course, Papas and Mamas would go back to their house,
they can't affort to sleep at the floor.)
At night, I heard many many small and big music concert!
Whole night, I can't sleep because too noisy and the floor is too hard for me.
May be I am too old to sleep on the floor.

In the Next Morning, first things was Peggy pointed to Hubby and
said : "You are playing a lound music last night!
Amanda, you should warn me leh~~~"

On that night, I slept very far away from the "concert stage",
because I knew someone would play a very wonderful music.

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