February 3, 2009

Give Up~~

I have a great time during CNY with my family in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.
After taking my rest for 10 days,
I realized that I had over spent most of my time in my job.

I didn't spent time for myself to rest and
My body had given me a red signal.

During the visitation in CNY,
most of my relatives told me that I look weak.

I still remember on the 4th day of CNY,

I can't move my body because I am suffering with huge pain of my spine.

My mum started to worried about my health.

Pray to Lord that He will guide me in my job
and I am planning to find a new job.


simon said...

no need to find a new job lah better to get married and become the house wife lah.

theresa said...

sis, take gud care oh. do pray for u!!add oil