February 10, 2009

My Sunday Schedule

~My Sunday Schedule~

7.00am wake up
"Bangun Pagi, Gosok Gigi

8.00 am Depart from House

8.45 am Arrived JCBC Church

Opps~~The Door still Close~~
Sister Lai Hong is Late again.....

Nothing Can Do, Wait for Lai Hong to Open the Door...

9.00 am ~ 10.30 am
Sunday School
I am the Cawaii Assistant for JCBC Education Department

11.00 am ~ 12.30 pm
Sunday Service

Sometime, I will work part time as Cawaii Usher
or OHP in Sunday Service

Bro Caleb Choo, Daniel Choo and Jason Choo.

Suddenly think of one song when I still a baby,
the song sound like as follows:

"Choo Choo Here, Choo Choo There,
Choo Here, Choo There,
Every Where Choo Choo!!"

It's rare for all 3 Choo's were gathered in one church!

12.30 pm ~ 1.30 pm
After Sermon, we have a Small Gathering
(Chit-Chat with Bro and Sis)

Sometimes the Youth will Gather for PSP Competition After Sermon.

Caleb Choo, my Piano Teacher
(sincerely hope that this time I can put all my heart to play piano)

1.00 pm~ 2.30 pm
Youth Camp Meeting & Timothy Fellowship

We always practice "Sambil Makan, Sambil Meeting".
Bad Habit! But, I like it!

After a Lot of Discussion about the Youth Camp,
We are tired.....

On 3.00 pm, settle every things!
Pack Up and Go Back for Lunch!

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