July 6, 2009

She Talk About Sex Topics

During my devotion this morning, my new colleague came and stood near my door, then solo alone about her dating story and her sex topics. I feel uncomfortable about this topics, but I just hear what she want to express. After 15 minutes, she keep solo alone about this sex topics, I can't ask her to stop because she is so excited to talk with me about her boy friend ,so I choose to silent myself and no common.

After that she finish all the her topics what she feel that she want to share then she gone, I continue my daily devotions. I still feel uncomfortable in my heart.....

Lately, I talk to my HR manager about the girl came to my office and talk about the sex topics. The manager asked me "It's your face let people misunderstood that you are the person that suitable to talk or discuss about this sex topics?" Suddenly, I got no word to say......My face looks like people like to share sex topics?????

I am terrible uncomfortable today.......(-.-!!!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure tat tat person is trying to show off her sex experience with u. just ignore these ppl.